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6 Ideas that Increase Your Website Search Traffic

If you take ranking and traffic to your website, content should be unique. Mobile friendliness is a key factor. The world of SEO (search engine optimisation) is of different options.

There are number of factors to rank them on page 1.

On-site improvements

Time on site

Users spent time on your website is a huge ranking factor. It depends on the type of website. (service, blog, e-commerce) but in any case, you must spent at-least an average of 2 min.


If average time spent on site is under 30 seconds, you could consider following improvements:

  • Check you have created proper navigation
  • Improve your content by keeping a good structure, break up big paragraphs with images, screenshots, infographics, lists, sub headings
  • Avoid false promises in headings
  • Interlink pages within your website

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