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7 signs to invest in conversion optimisation in 2018

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Here we look at a set of tools that businesses use to reduce their bounce rate and get more people buying their products or using their services. Investing in the tools is expensive, but if you see ROIs, it is worth it, especially if your present conversion rate looks poor.


1. Your website has good information but is light on interest?

You may have good detailed product pages, that’s great, but in today’s world, people don’t read paragraphs of font size 10 with block text of product information.


People simply:

  • Skim information about the products
  • Figure out how it helps them

However, if you don’t give users the relevant information, then you will lose buyers and your conversion rate will tank.


Not many people spend a lot of time reading the small print, trying to figure out whether the product specifications suit their needs.

So, it is better to streamline your approach.

2. For the past 6 months, you didn’t update anything in the website

User experiences of websites are changing at the speed of light. Most e-commerce businesses need to go through a medium revision every 6 months to keep up-to-date information and to create a good user experience.


If you need a high conversion rate on your website, then you must always be A/B testing and you can adjust the site according to the test results.

3. Overall conversion rate is below 5%

If you sell your product to less than 1 in 20 people who visit your website, then this is a clear sign that shows you need to change your strategy. Many businesses can struggle to get more than 5% in conversions.


Getting the right kind of people to visit your site is expensive, whether you are doing it through content creation or PPC.

Your poor conversion performance is likely down to a website that is badly optimised.


4. Bounce rate is sky high

A high bounce rate is faced by most of the client and is most likely a common issue, usually 40% or more is considered poor. How is it calculated? – It is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave from the page they land on without going to other pages.


Number of things you must analyse

  • First thing to consider is whether people arriving on your site will want to buy your products or need your services
  • If your marketing channel pulls people to buy T-shirt, but you only sell wholesale, then no wonder people aren’t sticking around on your website
  • Wrong traffic is a huge issue, it means you are spending your money in the wrong places

Suppose the bounce rate isn’t caused by the wrong traffic, then you must check your website for some other reasons:

  • It might be a layout issue, visitors may not like it
  • Visitors can’t find what they are looking for
  • Website speed might be slow

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