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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Leicestershire

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We specialise in fire extinguisher maintenance and offer expert advice on how best to protect your buildings. We service all makes to BS5306. It’s really important that the conservation is carried out regularly so that you can be confident that this equipment will work when you need it most.


Basically, the equipment do not have an indefinite life, even when they are never used. Contents present in the annihilator can lose pressure, inside the canisters are prone to rust and corrosion if liquid contents and canister were weakened due to high pressurisation. Seals deteriorate, valves stick, and fire extinguisher (article) become knocked, dented being a part of the building’s fitting and fixtures. Two types of upkeep procedures available visual inspection by the user and conservation by a competent person.

Who is it for? – anyone who will carry out the service and prolongation of portable equipment. Also, anyone to answer the queries regarding this equipment


Many people assume that extinguishers will work when they’re used, but unless there’s a proper programme, this may not be the case. You need to be sure that your annihilator are in good working order. That’s where we can help. The company specialises in providing the continuation, safety equipment and services. Not only can we ensure that the upkeep is up to date, we can also advise you on this equipment cover for new and relocated areas.

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