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First Aid Training Providers

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We are first aid training providers offer a wide range of regulated qualifications. Our well-trained and experienced instructors are passionate, not only delivering sound training but also tips and advice beyond the official course content. We specialise in training instructors to enable industries to deliver in house and individual training depending on requirements.


We offer a variety of courses to make your premises a safe one. As we are the first aid training providers specialist, the industry offers first aid fire training and fire safety training, with courses to help you stay safe and secure. People can get injured in accidents in the workplace, public places and home and may suffer more or even die due to lack of basic help. You do not need to be a doctor or an expert to save someone’s life. With the right training and knowledge you could possibly save someone’s life while you wait for medical help to arrive.

How to choose a first aider in the workplace?

Employers try to find a reliable person with good communication skills. They need to be someone who is calm under pressure and doesn’t panic. They need to be available to respond to an incident.


First aider responsibilities

  • In charge of equipments and facilities
  • Manages the incident until professional help arrives
  • Offer appropriate treatment as trained
  • Caring for employees with minor injuries such as burns, cuts, headaches and stomach bugs
  • Assess casualties and find the cause, nature of the injuries
  • If emergency then call for an ambulance or gets someone to do so
  • If possible make observations / notes of casualties
  • Provide handover when other / further medical help arrives

We are one of the largest independent first aid training providers throughout the UK. We have experts who have dealt with real-time emergencies over many years. We offer training courses that will be interactive, discussing the latest regulations and guidance.


Training course we offered

  • Emergency first aid at work level 2
  • Paediatric first aid level 2
  • First aid at work level 3
  • First aid at work level 3 re-qualification

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