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Hydraulic Truck Cranes

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For great service and the best offerings on the market, when renting hydraulic truck cranes for your lifting project, contact Delta Cranes.


Performance – the capability to lift 100% of crane’s load capacity
Longevity – delivering long term service at affordable rates
Safety – giving an absolute crane safety service available by protecting property from damage and people from injury

How mobile hydraulic cranes work?

These cranes can lift thousands of pounds using the simple concept of transmitting forces from point to point through a fluid. They work by harnessing the strength that liquid under pressure gives. Usually, the liquid is water or light oil as this works well with the system of pistons and pumps.


The cranes use a fixed system of pipes, constant pressure can be maintained once a part of the system has moved into place and this makes it extremely stable to use and able to support sizeable weights.

These cranes are used to lift heavy loads up to tall heights so it’s important the truck is completely stable while lifting. The tires won’t offer the stability needed, so the truck employs outriggers which act as balances to keep the crane from leaning too much to one side or the other. Outriggers used in these types of cranes lift the tires on the truck off the ground.


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