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Types of content and ways to connect for small business growth

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1. Interviews

The Interview provides content and connection. This yields a relationship with a customer. It’s a clever idea to form a network with major players in your industry? Make a new online connection? Interview them as people are often flattered to be asked for an interview.


2. Case Studies

It is a specific report or a personal experience – moreover, this is like a testimonial. A good example of social proof. For example, if you are a nutritionist or a trainer you could share your client experiences with your services and the impressive results you helped them achieve.


3. Video

Lots of customers find video scary. But it is something that most content creators need to use. Why? Clients respond to authenticity. It is harder to hide behind a video than to hide behind a Pinterest post, for instance.


4. White Papers

A lengthy in-depth case study examines a service, technology, product or policy. Adding huge value by providing in-depth information needed to understand part of your business such as market conditions, backstory and more.


5. Lists

It is easy for your audience to digest. A straight forward structure for you to put together, and cover basic information on a topic


6. Product Reviews

  • Builds confidence in your brand
  • Helps to discover your strengths
  • Helps us to find out what customers are unhappy about
  • A powerful resource for lead generation

7. Trendspotting

  • Shows your customers how expert you are in your industry
  • If you have products related to the trends, then you can give them a plug

8. Podcasts

  • You can become more intimate with your audience (talk to your audience directly in your own voice)
  • Possibly invite expert to be guests on your show
  • Interview customers or experts
  • Distribute via multiple channels – iTunes, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Connect employees to organisation (train your employees, make announcements about their good work – earns trust and satisfaction)

9. Infographics

  • You can catch your target audience with ease (because of this visual presentation)
  • Increase brand awareness (short infographic makes an appeal)
  • Gain global popularity (share your infographics in social media to draw global attention)
  • Provide SEO benefit (Crucial information – winning strategy in search engines)

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