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Why Magento is best for ecommerce platform?

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Magneto is an open source eCommerce solution, coded in PHP, but just what makes it so special? Here is the list of reasons:


1. Open Source

Magento has 3 versions namely,

  • Magento Go (paid)
  • Magento community edition (free)
  • Magento enterprise edition (paid)

The community edition is the most popular one when compared with other 2 editions. This community edition is expansive and is supported by its developer and user community.


Once you install this shopping platform for free, you can then install extensions and do a lot of customisation using the Magento connect marketplace. It gets updated from time to time making it more secure and it is reliable in protecting you from hackers.

If your business has a large business model, then you should opt for the Enterprise edition. Features can be added to the free version by using extensions.


Which edition is right for your business?

Magento Community Edition

  • Unique visitors / month >1000
  • Turnover > 100,000 Euro
  • Shop management FTE 0.5 – 2.0
  • Orders per month > 100
  • Implementation time 6-8 weeks
  • Implementation cost – 10,000 – 60,000 Euro
  • Hosting costs – 150 – 300 Euro
  • License cost – 0

Magento Enterprise Edition

  • Unique visitors / month > 50,000
  • Turnover > 1,000,000 Euro
  • Shop management FTE > 5.0
  • Orders per month > 500
  • Implementation time 14-16 weeks
  • Implementation cost > 50,000 Euro
  • Hosting cost – 600 – 2,000 Euro
  • License cost – 12,404

2. Hosting Service

Unlike other eCommerce platforms such as Volusion and Shopify, Magento allows us to pick the best hosting service you need. This offers the flexibility of switching hosting services if you are having problems with your existing one.


3. Speed

More than 50% of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds. If a website doesn’t load within this expected time, then they simply switch to other competitor websites. Most customers leave the website without buying the product or service, affecting your conversion rate.


With such competition on performance, you would want a platform that loads quickly, allows page caching with ease and more.

4. Mobile Friendly

Lots of people are using their smartphones to access websites. The Magento platform comes with mobile friendly technology so that customers get the same experience in smartphones as they do on a desktop.


5. Integrate 3rd party Apps with ease

Naturally, you want to make your life simple by relying on ready-made apps which integrate new features into the website instead of coding each and everything from scratch.


With other e-commerce platforms, it is not easy to integrate 3rd party apps because the control is entirely by the service provider.

Magento’s extensible API allows you to connect to any kind of plugin or app of your choice.


6. Advanced SEO options

Magento platform is very powerful when configured optimally, they rank well in Google and other search engines

  • Redirection and URL rewriting functionality – prevent broken URLs
  • SEO friendly URL naming – includes whole URL rewriting functionality
  • Meta title and description – included in every section such as products, categories, and CMS pages
  • Image alt tags – aids accessibility and SEO

SEO functionality with SEO Suite Pro extension by Mageworx

  • Rich snippet optimisation
  • Canonical redirection – prevent duplicate pages
  • Indexation of store pages

7. Multi handling capability

It can handle multiple versions of the same site, ideal for international companies; some of the examples are,

  • Multiple currency – includes many currency
  • Multiple stores – operate multiple websites / brands from one Magento implementation
  • Multiple language – Eg: Italian, Persian, English, French, Mandarin, etc.
  • Multi alphabets – it supports multiple alphabet types around the world
  • Multiple tax rates – manages numerous tax rates when required


As you see Magento offers everything an ecommerce website would need to showcase the products, offer top customer service, carry online transactions, and run all backend processes more efficiently.


Looking to start a new eCommerce business this platform has numerous choices to work with. Magento offers you a free hand in features, design and future extensibility of the website, while minimising the costs in the long run.

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